Wednesday, October 3, 2012

*REPOST* OF Romance Novel Kit Completed

**** Hi... Ok.. I've been getting lots of emails asking where I posted the completed Romance Novel Kit.  So... Here it is! :) I'm reposting again for easy finding.. .hope this helps!! *****

Hi everyone, I'm excited to share a fun, easy and gorgeous mini album called "Beautiful Whisper" using the Romance Novel Collection! 

When I seen the new Prima Romance Novel collection I had one of those *gasp-love-it-gotta-create-with-it* moments! Let me explain. Making mini albums is one of my favorite projects to do and this collection was beautifully designed just for that - creating mini albums (Thank You Marion)!  The papers/prints are amazing gorgeous but I got crazy excited to see all those printed tags, pockets for cut out, journaling cards.. yikes! I swear I just wanted to get those prints in my hands and start cutting out all that happiness! So, I did. 

If you've never created a mini album before... I have to tell you, this is the perfect collection to use to make one! With all the fun journaling notes, cards, pockets, etc. this is an easy mini to put together! 

Here's some simple steps I use when creating mini's:

- Get a chipboard mini album that will fit the size of photos you'll be using. 
- Gather beautiful prints you love and coordinating embellishments: metal trinkets, FLOWERS (all sizes), wooden buttons/tickets, ribbon, more flowers, etc.
- Gather tools: sharp exacto, scissors, Beacon Adhesive, crop-a-dile, cutting mat, inks, paper trimmer, border punches, etc. 
- Next, GET BUSY! Grab a print and put it down on the chipboard page. Do you like how it looks? If so, glue down and trim edges. Do this for all the pages. 
- After all the pages are covered, I then go back to the first page and start embellishing. Lay tags, trinkets, flowers down - place embellishments so its pleasing to your eye (contrast is good!) Now, glue it! Tip: scrap in a triangular design - it is pleasing to the eye! 
- But the MOST important thing to remember: There's no right or wrong way to scrap! Enjoy the process, relax and have fun with it! You'll see.. in no time you'll look up at the clock and 3 hrs have past!
- Lastly, YOU CAN DO IT! But I have to tell you.. you'll become addicted to making mini albums! :)

Here's some photo's of the mini album I created. The pages are simply put together with a little layering here and there. I used the coordinating Romance Novel embellishments along with all those beautiful images (journaling cards, pockets and tags)! 

 Products used:

Other: black ribbon, Beacon Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive, binding rings, top note chipboard album

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing the scrappy magic that can be created with the Romance Novel collection! Email me at if you have any comments or questions!!


  1. Super cute mini! Love the paper and all the embellishments:) Everytime I see your videos, you pump me up with the courage to make my 1st mini, If only there was more time in the day:)lol. One day, I'll have everything ready and waiting for me to create a mini:)LOL.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  2. I love this mini, love those papers, and the details are perfect!

  3. Whenever I see your video clips, you push me up with the bravery to create my 1st small, If only there was more period of time in the day:)lol. One day, I'll have everything available for me to create a mini

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