Saturday, April 27, 2013

A "Traveling" Mini Album Swap (How-To)

Hi everyone! :) Ok, ta-hee... so I recently participated in a really fun swap that I just have to share with you!

One of my favorite scrappy Gal Pals, "Jann" had a wonderful idea she calls the "Traveling Friendship Journals" Swap.

Here's how she coordinates the 9 month swap!
  • Gather 16 of your closest scrapbooking friends 
  • Email the instructions (here's the simple version): Create a your journal, personalize it with your favorite colors and decorate front cover, first 2 pages, and back cover. Provide blank pages inside your journal so those who receive it can add to your journal. 
  • Now send (mail) your journal off the the first scrapper on the list and that person does their magic (decorates 2-4 pages; sharing about themselves) and then mails it off to the next person! Of course, along in the box we'll send a simple little goodie bag of something/something :) Their fav chocolates, favorite embellishment, anything.. but keep it simple!
  • The traveling journal must be completed on the same day each month (15th) and mailed by that day. So no worries.. plenty of time to complete it and get it back into the mail.
  • At the end of the 9 months you will receive the most wonderful Traveling Friendship Journal ... all beautiful, huge, chucky and fill with your friends most cherished thoughts, memories and pictures! 

This swap was truly a blessing and I'll forever treasure my GORGEOUSLY HAPPY SCRAPPY TRAVELING FRIENDSHIP MINI ALBUM!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you to all the lovely ladies that participated in this swap. I stand in awe at your beautiful pages, your beautiful lives.. YOU!

Here's a few pictures of the Travel Mini Album ! 

Have a happy scrappy time! And I hope  you have as much fun playing with your scrappy pals too!


  1. Very cool!! I can remember many years ago doing circle journals with a wonderful group of scrappy friends. It's such a thrill to see each others work/styles and then working up to getting yours back and see all the wonder inside!! Love, love, love this idea!!

  2. Wow you make sooo beautiful things.