Wednesday, May 1, 2013

National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) INFO and *GIVEAWAY*

 ** I'm Getting READY for NSD **
This Saturday - MAY 4TH, 2013

So excited!

(sshhhh ... sneak peak of my planned NSD scrappy kit GIVEAWAY)

What: Ok.. Just in case your asking "Steff! What is NSD?"
It is National Scrapbooking Day... May 4th (this Saturday). It's the day we celebrate our exciting scrapbooking crafty passion!

When: National Scrapbooking Day this year is May 4th (this Saturday)

How do we celebrate:
  • It's US (You and me... and all your wonderful scrappy pals) getting together and creating your scrappy magic at organized events, or getting out and shopping for new yummy scrappy supplies or simply spending time on-line chatting with your friends. Spend the day celebrating your passion however you wish!
and what I love is this little extra NSD bonus:
  • Keep an eye out for special retailers (on-line scrapbooking stores) who celebrate with us by offering discounts! 
  • Participate in exciting Blog Hops & Giveaways -so much fun!
  • Participate in on-line NSD Challenges & Giveaways!
Yep --Exciting Right!??! It is a super fun day!!

How will I be celebrating this year??
  • ***JOIN US*** I will be part of Prima's NSD Blog Hop this year!! Ta-hee! Of course, I HAVE to do a GIVEAWAY (wink)! So, stop by and enter for a chance to WIN!! :) This picture above is a sneak peak of my Scrappy Kit Giveaway!
  • ***JOIN US*** I will be enjoying the Live With Prima USTREAM classes ALL DAY LONG!! I will be hanging out with my pals and we will be joining in on the Prima Ustream chat and enjoying all the gorgeous projects the amazing instructors have planned for us! AND.. they (Prima) are doing LOTS of GIVEAWAYS!! LOVE-LOVE THAT!! Here's the link for the LWP Ustream Classes:

    What are your plans for NSD?


  1. My plans for NSD? Spending a lot of time with you and scrappy friends online ! lol For sure I am going to love this saturday !

  2. I will be watching Prima and packing the last of Mt stuff for my across country move!

  3. Hoping I can be there watching all the classes!! What a great fun day to celebrate our creative passion!! Hugs Patti

  4. I may be going to my LSS, but otherwise I will be home watching PRIMA Ustreams all day... :)

  5. I'm looking forward to Saturday! I will be working on a Mothers Day mini album and watching PRIMA Ustream for inspiration:)

  6. I will definitely tune in on Saturday! I plan to create some scrapbook layouts foe NSD.

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I found you when I clicked on to You Tube today.
    I have been hoping to find some followers for my blog
    A friend recommended that I follow other blogs to get to know people, so that is what I am doing. I haven't put much on my blog lately because I was discouraged by not getting any new followers. I do a variety of arts and crafts and will be posting some recent creations on my blog this week.

    I love how happy you look and like your 'withagrin' caption.

    I loved your mini book that you art doing a give-away with.

    Greetings from England. x

  8. Hope to be scrapping the day away with my best scrappy friend in her newly decorated/designed scrap room! So many projects, so little time! And of course checking in on Prima Ustream! Love prizes, love giveaways and wow oh wow, love your sneak peak mini! Love the color...totally one of my faves!! Yippee!!

  9. Steff, can't wait for Saturday. What fun!


  10. totally looking forward to watching your class on saturday!!!! you do such beautiful work!!!

  11. getting ready to enjoy the day and watching your class and other Saturday
    upnurse at aol dot com

  12. oo that sounds exciting!!!
    That would be my sunday now I need to work out what time!

    thank you Steph
    Hugs Deni

  13. Can't wait until Sat. Looking forward to your project the most!!!

  14. I've not been on ustream in a while I cant wait to see your creations.

  15. How great that NSD is on a Saturday, thank you for all you do for us Steff - your work/creativity is amazing.

  16. Nice job! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  17. I am blog hopping today - will be scrapping tomorrow :)

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