Monday, January 13, 2014

Prima's 2014 Art Venture *Picts & Grins*

Hello! Yay… Ok… I am thrilled to share this post with you! 

This week I taught at the Prima's Art Venture in Anaheim, CA and here is a little list of the fun things my days were filled with:
  • YOU amazing crafters .. ladies & gents that really rocked my class!
  • Tons of familiar faces that made me squeal in delight to meet them (yes, literally)! Facebookers, Instagramers, YouTubers, Bloggers, Awesome LSS owners and online shops - yes.. I was in scrappy friend heaven! 
  • Getting to finally meet some of the other amazing Prima Educators that I had never met before.. Limor Webber (yes, she is super gorge/sweet in person too), Anna Dabrowska (yes creativity oozes from her in everything she does.. even when she notices a slight unnoticeable run in her stockings.. she looked down grabbed and redesigned the snag so it had commitment and a cool look??!! wow .. loved it!), Nathalie Kalbach (YES!… oh good gawd.. I was giddy…MAGICAL!- Loved her instantly too)! What  a pleasure! And bonus, I got to catch up with both Jamie Dougherty and Frank Garcia.. who both came out with NEW exciting collections! Congratulations :)
  • The classes were over flowing and the excitement was thrilling! Students were packed down with amazing kits jam packed with New WINTER CHA 2014 Prima happiness! and then the goodie bags… well whoa… It WAS AMAZING! I'll let other bloggers, Facebookers share the details :)
  • We created for 2 glorious days!  3 classes a day… 3 hours each … and even though I couldn't feel my feet at the half way point at each day.. it just didn't matter. I loved it.
  • We had exciting drama (a mini chair fire - whew it turned out NOT to be serious), great tasty snacks for breaks, get picture ops, lots of hugs, lots of exchanging of info and TONS OF LEARNING about new product, techniques.. and about each other! ;)
  • So, big super squeeze thank you hugs to all those who attended! You are the best in every way! And to those who were were not able to attend due to that bad weather and flight cancellations  --YOU WERE MISSED!!! XOXO That darn polar vortex freeze .. half the country side freezing.. ugh.. and delaying our flights.. blah!  
  • GIVEAWAY INFO at bottom of post!

Ok, during the class… I DID whip out my camera and was fortunate to get a picture with almost everyone.. BUT NO WORRIES.. not all the picts are posted here! Lol.. but here are some photo's to share! 

WARNING ******* PHOTO HEAVY ******* in a good way! :)

I was thrilled to finally meet so many of you! The classes were filled with amazing crafters, teachers, newbies and retailers! A great variety of lovely people who made my classes just crazy fun!!

Thank you!! 

Lots of amazing crafters traveled to Art Venture from all parts of the world (S. Korea friends)

This woman, Elena Lai Etcheverry, is amazing sweet.. her energy level is above nuclear! I love it! :)  You all know her … She's the founder of Charity Wings & she needs us... AND WE NEED HER!  See her amazing charity - Click here!  

Lunch time!  to me it was re-charge the "feet" battery time! Look at them smiles! I swear I just sat there and ate my salad and enjoyed listening to them all chit chat :)

Look… LOOK…. GREAT STUDENTS!!! AND lower right hand corner… it was her birthday (Luci) … we SANG OUT in song to her…. she tolerated us all… and we loved it!!
 I got a short video of it ..see the YouTube link...!

I love that Karen shared her birthday with us!! Happy Birthday Karen !!! :)

More amazing women I was honored to meet!

and HELLO..... Standing next to these two beautiful women... they are gorgeous right! and they are both super talented and sweet!! LOVED THEM!

Too tempting NOT to take that elevator pict ...again!

.... LOVE this lunch pict! Look what they have opened up on their table.. the Prima Idea Book! hhehe yay... and ... Janene & Frank in background (bonus!) :)

Day 2 - lunch time! thanks for taking the pict! You know who you are!

Getting ready for the big PRIMA ART VENTURE Group shot!!... LOVE the sweety pie in the front! SHE'S READY! I love it! :)

I cut the photo into two parts.. LEFT SIDE..... Hello there super talented people!!

here's the RIGHT SIDE...... More AMAZING SUPER SWEET talent people!! LOVE YOU!

These ladies... ONE WORD:      *ROCKED*     

Oh.. It was the sweetest pleasure to finally meet her! big hugs!! :)

Whoa... xoxoxoo!!

Love her magic! Let's get together again.. and get scrappy!

.... OK... I KNOW... RIGHT.... LOVE LOVE when the tables look like this... its exciting!

Last class of the day.. these beauties were amazing in EVERYWAY!! THANK YOU!!

OK.... I COULD share more and more photos.. but I think I'll stop and add OF THE HUNDREDS of other photos to YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE! :) ENJOY!! OXXOOX

OK.. be forewarned .... The YouTube video has ME in too many of the picts... sorry you have to see me over and over... but I WANTED TO TAKE a pict with as many of you talented crafters as possible!  And please excuse my tired looking eyes!! :)hehheheh 

****** BONUS:  VIDEO .... watch til the end... there's GIVEAWAY instructions ******

I hope you enjoyed this small post about Art Venture... It was really thrilling and I loved every minute.!! 

*sigh... yes, I got sick right after Art Venture... home... in bed but happy to blog! Thank you for all your warm thoughts on Facebook!* 

with a grateful grin and BIG SUPER SQUEEZY HUGS!!,
Steff ;) 


  1. so sorry you got sick afterward. seems that something was going around. hope you are feeling better soon. hugs.

  2. Great video, such a fun class and energetic teacher. Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Hi Steff...I missed all the fun :( but I loved seeing all the wonderful pictures. I also heard about the wonderful time my friend Karen had with you and all fellow crafters. Maybe next year

  4. How I would not live 9000km away!

  5. Hi Steff…looks like you all had a happy scrappy time in Anaheim. I wish I could have been there with all of you. Everyone did such beautiful work. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Hi steff…. this is a awesome to know ur exp on prima art venture… i jus totally enjoyed ur class… this is my first ever workshop, first ever CHA, infact my first ever place i av been alone in US… it was great to know you and to be in ur class… thank u soooooo much...

  7. wow---an amazing video! Love all the pictures, and the vibe you brought--made me feel the energy! so fun!

  8. Loved all the pictures. Did I see myself? I wish I had as I would have loved to be there having a scrappy great time with you! Maybe you could come out to the Mega Meet in Michigan?!
    Judi Taylor

  9. Oh, I'm so jealous of the creativity and camaraderie that took place at this event...whine! I wanna come too!!!!!! Maybe next time...sniff, Prima and all of you educators rock!!

  10. Woo Hoo! Hawaii Represent! Loved meeting you Steff!!! Hugs from Hawaii!

  11. Hi Sweet Steff, I shared this on Pinterest and Facebook, too! What an awesome Video. I can't believe you are sick and still were able to put this all together. You are totally amazing. Art Venture was so much fun that sometimes I think I was just dreaming! Great memories were all shared and friendships were made and I shall hold it all dear to heart. Hugs and love always, Laura

  12. What fun! Wish I had been there!

  13. You rock! It was such a pleasure meeting you in person. Thanks for taking the time to take all these pics, post and make the video. yo anyone who has the chance to attend in future - it's a don't miss event! And Steff is a don't miss instructor!

  14. Aww what an awesome post! If it comes around next year I'd definitely like to join! :)
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and the breathtaking projects. Everyone looks happy. Off to watch the Video. Feel better!!