Thursday, March 27, 2014

FYI *GASP* The NEW PRIMA Self Healing Mats!

Hi Everyone… quick FYI: 
Holy smokes I'm excited! I know, I know.. how does one get excited over a new scrapbooking craft mat??!! EASY… and I'll tell you why. The last time (years ago) when these mats were available - I MISSED OUT! Yep.. they SOLD OUT before I could grab one! I know theres a lot of you that were waiting for these to hit the stores so I thought I'd do a post so you can get yours! 

Here's a few picts of mine ready to be used on my scrap table! ta-heee… SIMPLE PLEASURES! I know .. YOU know.. what I mean! :)

If your local scrapbook stores doesn't have them available… walk straight up to the front counter and ask when they plan on getting them! I was so disappointed when they were no longer available.. I ended up waiting several years for these! YAY

Happy Scrapping!

With a Grin,

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  1. That looks nice and cover a good space as you the color....